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Orderstep is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize businesses sales and order flow

Orderstep is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses handle their sales and order flow. With a deep understanding of the challenges companies face in their daily processes, Orderstep offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines processes from lead generation to final billing, ensuring efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

Our core focus is to provide a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates with existing accounting systems like e-conomic, enabling businesses to maintain detailed history and statistics on their offers, conversion rates, coverage rates, profit, and much more. This not only ensures a more transparent and data-driven approach to sales management but also significantly improves decision-making processes across the company.


At Orderstep, we are dedicated to offering solutions that not only meet the current needs of our customers but also anticipate future challenges and market trends. We believe in the power of technology to transform business processes and are committed to developing features that give our customers a competitive edge.


With a strong commitment to customer service and innovation, we work closely with each client to ensure that Orderstep not only meets their expectations but exceeds them. Our goal is to be more than just a supplier; we aspire to be a trusted partner in our customers’ growth journey.


Welcome to Orderstep – where optimal customer flow becomes a reality.

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